DocApp-A technological breakthrough in appointment booking and patient engagement

A technological breakthrough
in appointment booking and patient engagement


DocApp gives you all needed tools to make your appointment system simple. We provide Web, mobile phone and tablet apps for appointment booking.

Communicate with your patients effectively; send them your bulletins, newsletters or other health tips.


DocApp introduces an innovative and unique solution to manage your patients’ experiences and appointments. DocApp automatically tracks the time patients spend at your practice or clinic and manages how long they wait to be seen, in real time. This solution can help to reduce the actual waiting time for patients through tracking and real time updates.


Automatically tracks patient arrivals, wait times, exam room visits and exits from the clinic. No staff is needed to enter any data. This is all done intelligently using modern technology. Patients can view wait times and updates on their own smartphones and DocApp keeps updating as you finish your examinations.

Built for today, Ready for tomorrow

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No major staff requires managing appointment booking and patient queue
Bring new patients to your office
Engage with Patient using modern technology
Automatic and efficient waiting Queue Management
Automatically track arrival, waiting and exit of patients from clinic
We automatically reschedule follow-up visits
Always-online practice — schedule an appointment 24/7
Get ready for today and tomorrow


What is DocApp?
DocApp is a technological solution to improve patient engagements and appointments. It helps to improve overall patient satisfaction. It is designed as a cost-saving, simple to use and effective supplement to the normal workflow in any clinic or doctor's office, independent of the practice or specialty.
How does DocApp reduce overhead?
  • Replaces ineffective phone-based appointment booking with a very affordable system that does much more than just remind people of appointments.
  • Automatically tracks patients and provides valuable data which helps to improve your process.
  • Helps to reduce waiting time for patients
  • Reduces additional staff requirements by avoiding time spent on hold, tracking down patients at multiple phone numbers and playing phone tag.
  • Appointment reminders through app notifications, text messages, or email. Can replace your current, often ineffective, phone call reminder system with a smart phone.
The main objective of DocApp is to reduce overhead and replace the patient tracking and communication functions process with more advanced, simple, trackable and cost-effective tools.
How does DocApp improve patient satisfaction and engagement?
DocApp improves patient satisfaction by leveraging modern mobile technology to provide required information to patients when and where they need it, without tying up staff. It improves patient engagement by providing modern tools for effective and real-time communication with patients.
How does it automatically track patients?
DocApp uses small wireless sensors. They broadcast tiny radio signals which your smartphone/Tablet can receive and interpret, unlocking micro-location and contextual awareness. DocApp uses certified iBeacons.
How much does it cost?
The appointment management systems are free for one year and you can start using right away. The patient tracking systems will have a monthly.
Do we need any special hardware or software?
The appointment management system does not require any hardware or software to install and can be run from any computer, phone or tablet. The patient tracking system requires a smartphone or tablet. It also requires other hardware tools that we provide you with no additional cost.
Can we store patient medical data and documents in this system?
We are working on an EMR system, which will be available soon. At this time you can surely record and track patient profile, notes and history.
How does the appointment system work?
We take care of your entire booking system. Patients book appointments via their smartphones. You keep track of patients' appointments on your smartphone, email, tablet or computer. Your appointment calendar is always with you wherever you go.
Does this include a billing system?
We are working on the billing system, which will be available soon, However DocApp alerts the front staff as patients leave the clinic so they can handle billing procedures.
Is this practice management software?
Not yet. DocApp at this point is an appointment booking and queue management system to ensure highest patient satisfaction. It can actually work very well with your practice management software. DocApp communicates with your existing practice management software to manage patient data.
How Can DocApp manage my patient queue at the clinic?
DocApp technology is designed specifically to reduce waiting times. By providing automated and real time updates, it drastically reduces waiting time and improves the overall patient experience at the clinic.
Is there any other product like this?
Not that we know of. We are introducing Automated Pateint Tracking technology to the world for first time.

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