Complete appointment booking system

DocApp gives you all needed tools to make your appointment system simple. We provide Web, mobile phone and tablet apps for appointment booking.

Patient Automated Check-In

When a patient arrives at your clinic, DocApp automatically updates the number of patients waiting to be seen and notifies the newly arrived patient (via mobile phone) with an estimated waiting time.

Automated Patient Tracking

DocApp lets you know when a patient has left home for an appointment, when he arrives and when he enters an examination room. This all happens automatically without any user interaction.

Appointment Booking Call Center

We take care of all your appointment booking system 24X7 and you don’t need any staff to manage this. Phone number and mobile app to book appointments for patients.

Video and Voice Chat

One DocApp option allows patients to book appointments for online consultation via video and voice chat. Video chat can be done from a browser, smartphone or tablet.

Patient Communication

Communicate with your patients effectively; send them your bulletins, newsletters or other health tips. Send automatic appointment reminders, Follow-up reminders and Pharmacy reminders.

Doctor’s Calendar

Easily manage appointments or personal calendar. Fully integrated with your phone and Google calendar. Control your practice days, times and availability from your smartphone.

Automated follow-up

Set an automatic follow-up for patients with notes about tests required or instructions to follow. Configure the duration of any automatic follow-ups.

Billing and Payments

DocApp not only provides a complete billing and payment system with all the standard features, it also alerts your reception desk and any patients who forget and leave without making payment.

Access it anywhere

In your car, on your phone, tablet or browser, take your appointment and patient information with you and access it from any device and from any location.

Exclusive App for patients, doctors and reception Desk

Separate customized and role based app for Doctors and nurses' stations or reception desk.

Multiple location support

If your practice has multiple locations, you can manage your appointment booking for all offices with one single app and the same interface. You can also choose different configurations like availability and appointments for each location.

Automated Reminder

Help patients remember appointments and arrive on time. DocApp sends patients regular reminders about upcoming appointments and also a map with directions to your clinic.

Patient Histories

DocApp gives you one-touch access to patients' histories, when they last visited, notes from the visit, etc.

Automated Notifications

Fully automated SMS messages, mobile push notifications and emails. DocApp keeps you connected with your patients.